Sample Client Website View

We’ve created this page to show you the type of account and research information available online to clients of Proctor Financial. All information in these sample reports is hypothetical, and is not intended to be representative of the holdings, performance information, or tax information of any Proctor Financial client account. Of course, Proctor Financial cannot guarantee that client accounts will avoid losses, or that any specific level of performance will be achieved by our clients.

Account Information


It begins with a Summary view of your accounts, with total assets listed for each.

Client Home


The Holdings view shows details within each account: what securities make up the account, how much you have of each, their current price, total value and a link to news for each individual item.

Client Holdings


This chart provides a summary of account performance for particular time frames.

Client Sectors

Allocations by Security Type

The most user-friendly way to see how your assets are distributed by Security Type …

Account Holdings

Allocations by Asset Class

… by Asset Class …


Allocations by Sector

… by Sector.