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If you are looking for client-centered, unbiased, holistic financial financial planning and investment management, then Proctor Financial might be just the place for you to help achieve your goals. For each client, we create a unique plan tailored to your needs – retirement income, a comfortable lifestyle, taking care of your children and grandchildren, peace of mind regarding health care costs and taxes, or whatever specific needs you may have.

To begin, we create a comprehensive accounting of your current financial situation and goals, with particular emphasis on how much you are spending or plan to spend in retirement. We collect and review your estate planning documents, review previous tax returns, and use all of your information to create a plan for you to achieve success, or as we say, to Retire Better®. This plan will include a detailed investment plan and financial projection, as well as any financial planning items that need to be addressed. Once we have do this initial work, we then help you complete the financial planning items that you need to address, and we take over the management of your investments, which includes choosing the specific investments for you, monitoring those investments, and changing them as necessary.

If you’d like to begin down the path of financial peace of mind, so that you too can Retire Better®, please click here to schedule an initial meeting if we’ve yet to meet, or an implementation meeting if we’ve met and you’re ready to get started.

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