Tony J. Proctor, CFP®

Tony Proctor, CFP

Just the Facts

  • Nationally-recognized expert who has appeared on CNBC and Bloomberg Television.
  • Founded Proctor Financial in 1994.
  • Has been a CFP® since 1996.
  • Grew up in Iowa.
  • Came to Massachusetts to attend Harvard College.
  • Graduated from Harvard with honors.
  • Lives in South Natick with his wife, Andrea and children Sienna, Harrison, and Bennett.
Tony Proctor Bloomberg TV

“With his interests, it figures” – Headline in the Burlington Hawkeye Newspaper in 1981, announcing that Tony Proctor had just won the Iowa State Math Bee by one of the largest margins ever.

This same headline could have been used when Tony Proctor founded Proctor Financial in August, 1994. With his dual interests in the highly technical aspects of finance and in helping and interacting directly with people, “it figures” that he would form the company that Proctor Financial is today.

Graduating in 1991, Tony Proctor, like many of his Harvard classmates, worked in the world of management consulting and finance. However, it wasn’t until he found a way to use his analytical skills to directly help people through financial planning that he found his calling.

Unfortunately, the big investment company where Tony made his early mark would sometimes set its own needs above those of its clients. Certain insurance and investment products offered sizable financial incentives to Tony and his peers, although they were not necessarily better for firm clients. While Tony was successful and his obvious intelligence and thoroughness rewarded, he saw that there was a better way to work with clients, a way that was more in tune with the values he learned growing up in Iowa.

Tony founded Proctor Financial with the belief that serving client interests first would ultimately lead to long-term success for the firm. The remarkable growth of Proctor Financial – from start-up in 1994 to a successful independent financial planning firm managing over $200 million of client assets today – testifies to the power of Tony’s vision.

Now a nationally recognized authority on finance and retirement planning, Tony Proctor is not new to success. His passion for excellence created a history of achievement beginning early in his Iowa boyhood:

  • Growing up, Tony was more than good at math; he was the best in the state, winning the statewide Math Bee by the one of the largest margins ever.
  • He was not just a good runner; he was a state-champion two-miler, breaking a 30-year old record that he still holds. Tony’s high school’s annual cross-country meet is known as The Tony Proctor Invitational.
  • He was not just a good bicycle racer; he finished #2 in the nation.
  • Tony was not just a good student; he skipped a grade and still earned straight As to become valedictorian of his high-school class.
  • Tony’s math proficiency didn’t end with the Math Bee; he earned perfect board scores, attracting a full scholarship that he turned down to attend Harvard University.

These boyhood accomplishments don’t make Tony a great financial planner, but they do show the history of a person who demonstrated early on that excellence is the result of hard-work, discipline, and goal-setting. These traits continue to shine through everything that Tony does at Proctor Financial for his clients. And all Proctor Financial clients benefit from Tony’s obsession with excellence.

Tony’s history of outstanding achievement continues. Today, Proctor Financial manages more than $200 million in client assets, and has over 200 clients, some of whom have been with the firm since its founding.

Tony has been a Certified Financial Planner since 1996. In fact, every advisor at Proctor Financial is a CFP®. And every Proctor Financial planner, beginning with Tony, works directly with clients, providing long-term continuity of customer service and a level of senior attention often not possible in the big, generic firms.

Tony still dedicates some of each month to building on his own financial knowledge, ensuring clients of Proctor Financial the best and most current financial planning practices. He believes in working with financially educated clients, and spends a significant amount of time each year teaching financial seminars, where he helps people to learn the language, strategies, and tactics for a successful retirement and to organize their financial needs and align their decisions with their long-term goals.

Tony and Andrea Proctor had a storybook wedding in Italy in 2004. They live not far from Proctor Financial’s Sherborn offices, in South Natick, Massachusetts, with their young daughter, Sienna and sons Harrison and Bennett.